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Table of Content

  1. Season and hours
  2. Canoe and Kayak Trips
    1. AuSable River Map
    2. Times and miles
  3. Canoe and Kayak Rates
  1. Canoes and kayaks available for rental
  2. Tips for a fun, low stress and high quality AuSable River canoeing and kayaking adventure
  3. Supported and member organizations

I. Season and Hours

Au Sable River canoeing and kayaking trips are available Spring, Summer and Fall.

Put-in starts at 8:00 am Saturdays and 8:30 am the rest of the week. The last start for a canoe or kayak trip to #2 (Stephan Bridge) is 1:30 pm. The last start for a canoeing or kayaking trip to #1 (Burton Landing) is 3:00 pm. Last pickup time for any canoeing or kayaking destination is 6:00 pm.

Canoe and kayak reservations should be made, particularly for Saturday trips.

II. Trips

All AuSable River canoe and kayak trips start at our launch area at Penrod's in Grayling Michigan. Single day and over-night trips are available. The AuSable River map below shows the pickup points and other features of the area. The table below shows the amount of time and distance to each canoe and kayak pickup point.

A. Map of the AuSable River

The numbered areas on the Au Sable River map below are pickup points. The map below is shown in two segments:

  • The AuSable river between Penrod's and the Mio Dam is the first segment shown.
  • The river between the Mio Dam and Lake Huron is the second segment.

    Ask for detailed AuSable River maps when you contact or arrive at Penrod's.

    Map of Au Sable river between Penrod's in Grayling Michigan and Mio Dam

    Map of AuSable river between Mio Dam and Lake Huron

    B. Canoeing and Kayaking Times and Miles

    # Name Float Time (hours) Miles
    1 Burton Landing 2.5 8
    2 Stephan Bridge 4 13
    3 Wakeley Bridge 5.5 18
    4 McMaster's Bridge 8.5 26
    5 Parmalee Bridge 11 36
    6 Camp 10 Bridge 15 46
    7 Mio Dam 17 49
    8 McKinley Bridge 22 65
    9 Alcona Dam 27 76
    10 Loud Dam 32 90
    11 Five Channels 35 93
    12 Cook Dam 40-50 100
    13 Foote Dam 40-50 108
    14 Lake Huron 40-50 120

    III. Canoeing and Kayaking Rates

    Landing Hours MilesHoliday weekends
    and Saturdays in
    July and August
     1 Canoe2-6 Canoes7+ CanoesSingle KayakDouble KayakCanoeSingle
    2 1/2 hrs
    8 Miles
    4 hrs
    13 Miles
    5 1/2 hrs
    18 miles

    Overnight Canoe Camp Trips
    Price per canoe including pick-up
    Camping Trips are by reservation only and are not always available on weekends.

      1 - 4
    5 or more
    # 4 McMasters
    2 days ( 8 1/2 hrs )
    26 miles




    # 5 Parmalee
    2 days ( 11 hrs )
    36 miles




    # 6 Camp 10
    3 days ( 15 hrs )
    46 miles




    # 7 Mio
    3 days ( 17 hrs )
    49 miles




    # 8 McKinley
    4 days ( 22 hrs )
    65 miles




    # 9 Alcona
    4 days ( 27 hrs )
    76 miles




    # 10 Loud
    5 days ( 32 hrs )
    90 miles




    # 11 5-Channels
    5 days ( 35 hrs )
    93 miles




    # 12 Cook
    5 days ( 40-50 hrs )
    100 miles




    # 13 Foote
    6 days ( 40-50 hrs )
    108 miles




    # 14 Lake Huron
    7 days ( 40-50 hrs )
    120 miles




    We will be happy to promptly send you a canoeing and kayaking price list.

    Please call 1-888-GO-RIVER (1-888-467-4837), us with street address, or fill out MORE INFO REQUEST. Please let us know if you would like information about campgrounds or motels.

    Give us a call we would like to hear from you.

    Credit Cards Accepted at Penrods

    We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Good Checks.

    Canoeing and kayaking reservations are suggested for Saturdays during July and August.
    Canoe Sunday - Friday and avoid the weekend traffic.
    Sunday - Friday walk-ins always welcome.
    We can have you on the water within five minutes of your arrival at Penrod's.

    IV. Canoes and Kayaks

    Grayling's largest selection of kayaks!

    Kayaks Length Width
    Kiwi Kopopa 8' 8" 27"
    Otter 9' 28"
    Sandpiper (sit on top) 9' 28"
    Perception Keowee (1 person) 9' 2" 29"
    Caspia 10' 4" 29"
    Bayou Dagger 10' 8" 28"
    Acadia 12' 4" 27"
    Delta Dagger 12' 10" 29"
    Perception Keowee (2 person) 12' 10" 32"
    Old Town Dimensions (sit on top) 13' 2" 30"
    Perception Spectrum 14' 4" 25"
    Canoes Length Width
    Aluminum 17'  
    Aluminum (extra passengers and equipment) 18'  
    Old Town (plastic and quiet) 16' 9"  

    Kayaks are quiet, fast and easier to control than a canoe. Our one or two person kayaks are really fun. Great for that extra person in your group, or to share and let everyone try this exciting sport!

    V. Tips

    Number one, stay sober. Operating a watercraft while intoxicated is illegal. Hard liquor, kegs, party balls, glass beverage containers and styrofoam coolers are prohibited on the river.  Please: No more than one 6-pack of beer per canoe.

    Number two, allow for enough time to enjoy the ride. II. Trips B. Times and Miles above shows the time needed for the trips. The earliest canoes can put in is 8:00 am Saturday and 8:30 am the rest of the week. The last pickup at any landing point is 6:00 pm. The latest start for a pickup at #2 (Stephan Bridge) is 2:00 pm. The latest start for a pickup at #1 (Burton Landing) is 3:30 pm. Within these limits, take as much time as you wish at no extra charge. We recommend an 8 mile trip for beginners. Paddling instruction is available.

    Number three, please talk to us. Allow us to help you work out the details of your trip. Write, , use our more info page or call us on our toll-free number.

    Our seven acres provide the best and most convenient facilities on the AuSable for large or small groups, with plenty of parking for trailers, campers and motor homes. Use our private island or covered patio for your picnic before or after your canoe trip. Free transportation back to your car for all customers is our guarantee. Our private put-in channel and dock allow easy loading and put-in of canoes. Ask us about the nearby camping at Hartwick Pines State Park, the many State Forest campgrounds, private campgrounds and accommodations at local motels.

    Number four, respect the river. The AuSable deserves respect in two ways. The AuSable is a pristine river. It is pristine because of the many restoration and conservation efforts by both private and public groups since the end of the lumbering era. Because of our respect for the river and our gratitude to the many people who have restored the river to its current beauty, we do what we can to conserve that beauty, and ask you to do the same. It is illegal to remove driftwood or wildflowers from the river or banks. Our drivers will not transport them. The river is a quiet place. Portable radios break the quiet and should be left behind. Much of the property on the river is privately owned. Please respect the owners rights and wishes. Do not stop on private property. Do not throw trash or cans in the river or on banks, islands or sandbars anywhere. Use heavy-duty coolers and water-proof bags or containers, and tie them to canoes

    The second reason to respect the river is the harm you can do yourself if you don't. We provide life vests to everyone and recommend you wear them. State law requires that any person under the age of 6 must wear a life jacket while canoeing. We provide seat cushions at no extra charge. Bring old shoes for wading or swimming. Don't forget sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent. Dress in layers; mornings are often cool. Leave valuables and non-waterproof cameras in the car. Secure keys in bags or pockets - we furnish safety-pins. Check our store for T-shirts, sweatshirts, dry-bags, eyeglass straps and other essentials. We recommend that groups designate a "lead" and "last" canoe. This will help keep your group together and eliminate passing of stopping points.

    Number five, NO RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED when you canoe Sunday - Friday. Also, Saturdays in June and September are not very busy and usually do not rquire a reservation. If you feel more comfortable making a reservation for these times please give us a call (1-888-467-4837). It does not cost anything to make a reservation and does help us a bit also. The reservation can be changed or canceled at any time. Try to canoe Sunday - Friday, avoid the weekend traffic and take advantage of weekday pricing.

    Overnight camping trips do require a reservation and are not always available. Please call ahead for these trips.

    The busiest days on the river are Saturdays in July and the first few Saturdays in August. If you plan to canoe on a Saturday you should make a reservation. Just give us a call (toll free 1-888-467-4837). When you make a reservation with Penrod's, we do not require a deposit. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a loss when cancelling or changing the number of canoes you need (we are quite flexible). If the weather is not what you expected on your canoeing date, just let us know that morning and we will cancel all or part of your reservation at no charge, or we can hold on to your canoes throughout the day until you decide. No need to worry about losing any money or having to deal with a rain check. If you are not sure how many canoes or kayaks you need when you call, we can always change your numbers up to the time of departure at no charge. To avoid traffic on the river and on the highways, consider weekday trips.

    VI. Supported and Member Organizations

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